Monday, February 22, 2016

Cinchona® Costa Rican Coffee - Exclusively from Collins Street Bakery (the Fruitcake People)

Sometimes you find great coffee in the most unlikely places.

I will be perfectly honest, when I opened my Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, and saw that she had sent us a Collins Street Bakery Fruitcake, I was delighted.  Really.  

I believe there are three categories of fruitcake people.  Those who hate fruitcake and those who love fruitcake.

I'm in the third category, people who only like Collins Street Bakery's fruitcakes.  I'm the first to admit, I was not "feeling fruitcake" until my mother-in-law started sending these over a decade ago.  And now, I can't complete my holiday without one.  

Yet, I wasn't expecting much from the coffee she sent along with the fruitcake this year.  I'm picky about my coffee.  In fact, I didn't even open the bag of coffee until this weekend.

What a shock!  

You only buy this Cinchona ® Costa Rican Coffee from Collins Street Bakery.  And, just in case, you're not near Corsicana, Texas and/or you don't like fruitcake, no worries, they'll ship it to you.

Good honest coffee.  Just like their fruitcake.

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