Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sitting, Sipping, Reminiscing on a Sunday with Dunkin' Donuts Coffee - The Good Life

My mind has been known to wander.  Especially when I'm immersed in a good cup of coffee.

Last night, I grabbed a bag of Dunkin' Original Blend Coffee beans from the shelf at Target.  In part, because I was killing time while waiting for my daughter who was buying shampoo.  Which, for her, can take a really long time.  In part, because I'm anxiously anticipating Dunkin' Donuts west coast expansion.  

As I'm sitting here this morning with my freshly brewed cup, in a very quiet house, I recalled the first time I tried Dunkin' Coffee.  It was long before you could just go online and order it up.  I had read an article in Marie Claire magazine about how Dunkin' Donuts coffee was one of the best kept secrets around.  

I had to try it.  I scoured the internet and found a shop in New York to ship me a few bags.  

And that's where it all started.

I'm happy to say that this morning's cup was just as good as I remembered from all those years ago.  

I'm sure my fancy Capresso coffeemaker helps.  And being alone with my thoughts enhances the experience.


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