Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"She Bangs, She Bangs," - It's Peet's BIG BANG Blend! Happy 50th Anniversary

Peet's 50th Anniversary "Big Bang" Coffee
I think that Peet's should have called it's 50th Anniversary Blend "She Bangs,"* for the beautiful Ethiopian coffee that lies beneath this medium roast limited edition coffee.

When I first saw the name, I assumed it was "twice as strong," and "twice the caffeine."  And if you know anything about Peet's Coffee, you know that it's known for its deep, bold roasts.  I thought, "I certainly can't handle double the bold."

But, as it turns, out "Big Bang" is the name for what is one of the best medium roasted coffees to come out of Peet's in a while.  

Anniversaries are special.  50th anniversaries very, very special.

So, Happy Anniversary, Peet's!  You Bang!

*  "She Bangs" is a song performed by Ricky Martin, from his 2000 album Sound Loaded

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