Monday, May 2, 2016

Philz Coffee - "One Cup at a Time" (Easy Does It)

The more I "mature," the more I realize that I need to slow down.  I've always had a hard time doing things slowly.  I have to keep telling myself, "Slow and steady wins the race."

My newest weekly exercise  is to go to Philz Coffee at least once a week.  There, I have to actually wait in what is usually a long line (it's very popular) for the baristas to make each cup individually.  "One cup at a time."

For someone who is constantly "multi-tasking" it can be trying.  Old habits die hard.

I've found that it forces me to pay attention to people around me, take a deep breath, admire various tattoos and pay closer attention to the people who take such care to prepare these amazing cups of coffee.  "One cup at a time."

I leave with a wonderful cup of custom-brewed coffee and a better appreciation for the coffee craftspeople.

I've got way more time than money.

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