Monday, October 31, 2016

No, Tricks - Only Treats with Weaver's Peaberry Reserve Coffee

I love surprises.  Like when I walk into Weaver's Coffee in San Rafael expecting to pick up a pound of one of John Weaver's incomparable blends and discover something especially rare, like the White Label Peaberry Reserve.

From the shape of the bean to the roast to the grinder to the brew, it doesn't get any better than this.

As with all things rare, this won't last long.  I'd encourage you to stop by Weaver's in San Rafael and treat yourself before it's too late.

And if you're not in Northern California, no worries, you can order online at

"Peaberry is a rare form of coffee where the fruit yields only a single, oval-shaped seed. Because of their unique shape, these beans require both special handling and roasting.
Made using 100% Peaberry from Tanzania blended with a rare, aged Sumatra Peaberry.
This exotic reserve coffee has flavors of dark liquor, spice and syrup with a complex finish."

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