Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Best Girlfriend - "Lola"

Your best girlfriend is the one you trust with all your secrets.

For me, that would be "Lola."

She's the one Catahoula's customers can't get enough of. No matter how many new blends Timber comes up with, Lola remains a trusted and loyal roast.

Timber, you broke the mold when you made this one.

Lola, "Girlfriend," I cherish our friendship.

"A bold & complex (Some folks say Stubborn) yet unexpectedly sweet blend of African and South American Fair Trade / Organic beans. Full City roasted to bring out an intriguing snappy twist. Excellent as a drip & is used in our cafe as the house espresso. By far Catahoula's best seller since it appeals to such a wide variety of palates. Add a spot of cream to your Lola espresso shot for a lasting and lingering milk chocolate finish."

Catahoula Coffee Company
12472 San Pablo Ave.
Richmond, CA 94805
510. 235.0525

1 comment:

  1. I know what you're talking about!! It's nice to make new friends, but there's nothing like that "Best Girlfriend" you can count on to perk (no pun intended) you up when you're feeling kinda foggy in the morning! Thanks for the tip.