Saturday, September 25, 2010

100% Costa Rican Arabica Coffee

I'm enjoying a cup of "Cafe de Altura" coffee this morning delivered directly from Costa Rica. A friend was there for her honeymoon and brought me back a bag. Costa Rica is famous for its gourmet coffee beans. And apparently so famous that you can go into any grocery store, buy a bag of coffee, and be assured that it's going to be good.

Last night, I caught one part of a 3-part special on KQED (PBS) entitled, "Black Coffee." I've said over and over again that I'm not a coffee expert, rather, a coffee lover. But this documentary really caused me to pause and look at coffee in a more serious light. In fact, I pledge here and now to become at least a coffee student. "Black Coffee" included interviews with many coffee farmers, including, farmers in Costa Rica.

And now, I know, more than ever, a cup is not just a cup.

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