Monday, November 15, 2010

AeroPress! The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

The AeroPress is an extreme coffee extraction device. With today’s use of the word “extreme” to describe Sports and Leisure activities; it is indeed the correct choice of adjective to describe how this method gives you the most from your two scoops of precious java.

The AeroPress delivers an intense cup of Espresso like coffee. Dense, syrupy and sediment free is the final product from one firm and steady pressing via this duo-tubular, plunger effect, barista tool. The completely satisfying finish is a cup of Joe in customizable degrees of intensity. But, what I like about this piece doesn’t end at consumption. The easy sliding coupling is a breeze to clean. Unscrewing the screen holding the compressed coffee affects a simple cleanup.

I like simplicity of use when employing a device to reach a desired effect and the AeroPress does it all for me. Realize the simplicity and intensity that is AeroPress.

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