Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Tumticha by STUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS

Any coffee that Stumptown roasts is going to be good. I'm convinced of it. This Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Tumticha by Stumptown is smooth with "nutty" base notes,completely non-acidic and tastes like heaven.

From Stumptown:

"Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Tumticha. Tumticha is the quintessential example of the classic Yirgacheffe flavor. It’s another offering from the famous Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union. The Tumticha Cooperative is composed of over 2100 farmer members. After careful cherry selection, these Ethiopian Heirloom varietals are depulped with McKinnon depulping devices, fermented upwards of 24 hours, washed in channels and dried carefully on raised beds in the sun. Jasmine, citrus blossom and black tea aromas find cohesion within a pinot-gris-like mouth feel with transparent flavors of huckleberry, raspberry, and white grape in this intensely sweet yet complex Yirgacheffe."

I have so much respect for this coffee that I refuse to make it in an electric brewer. Nothing but Chemex (TM) all the way for this blend because the end result is a cup of coffee that is well worth the wait.

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