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One-third of workers need this to get through the workday!

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One-third of workers need this to get through the workday!
By Kate Lorenz on Sep 27, 2010 in Featured, Fun stuff, Job Surveys, Work

As a rule, I hate alarm clocks. But there’s no alarm clock I hate more than the one that goes off on a Monday morning. This morning was no exception and hitting the snooze button was not an option; I had an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting with my boss.

These are the times I’m most thankful for a hot, steamy cup of the coffee. What can I say? I’m just not one of those people who jump out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work every morning.

Bing: Forget the coffee – take a nap

In honor of the recent National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder released a study on the beverage that keeps the nation’s work force productive and energetic.

Turns out that 32 percent of workers said they need coffee to get through the workday, and 43 percent of coffee drinkers reported they are less productive if they don’t drink coffee while on the job. Here are some additional items the survey found:

Working people need coffee to perk up. More than 40 percent of American workers say they are less productive without coffee.
Younger workers more dependent on a coffee fix. Forty percent of American workers 18 to 24 say they can’t concentrate as well without coffee. Forty-three percent of workers 18 to 34 said they have lower energy if they don’t drink coffee.
Keep the refills coming. Thirty-seven percent of American workers drink two or more cups of coffee during their workday.
Convenience matters. Seventy-five percent of American workers who buy coffee during the workday travel only a quarter-mile or less for their daily brew.
Coffee equals congratulations? Twenty-four percent of American workers 18 to 34 buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job well-done.
According to the results, the fields with the highest proportions of workers who say they are less productive without coffee vary widely. Those who need coffee the most are:

1. Nurses
2. Physicians
3. Hotel workers
4. Designers/Architects
5. Financial/Insurance sales representatives
6. Food preparers
7. Engineers
8. Teachers
9. Marketing/Public relations professionals
10. Scientists
11. Machine operators
12. Government workers

I usually can get through my day with just one cup — two sugar-free sweeteners and skim milk. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll add a little sugar-free vanilla syrup. I want to know what WorkBuzz readers think drink. How many cups of coffee do you go through in a day? How do you take your coffee?

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