Saturday, November 27, 2010

Move Over Martha, Bakerella Is In The House!

Everyone appreciates a hostess who offers a slice of cake with that cup of coffee, but what about the gal or guy who offers up a "Cake Pop" to go with that coffee?

My niece in Miami turned me onto Bakerella's blog about a year ago. I thought, "this is the cutest stuff I've ever seen." But, did I have the nerve to try it myself at home? No way. Do I have the nerve now? Not yet. But, with the step-by-step technique offered in this recipe book, "Cake Pops," published by Chronicle Books, I plan to challenge myself.

"Bakerella" (aka Angie Dudley) offers over 40 tips, tricks and recipes for mini-treats, each one a work of art. There's something for every taste and celebration from the basic cupcake bites and balls to more elaborate creations like reindeer and sheep and game balls and puppy pops.

Perfect for the person on your shopping list who can appreciate a little "baking therapy."

Angie Dudley is the creator of

Her book can be found in stores or at Chronicle Books.

Retail Price: 19.95

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