Monday, December 26, 2011

Founder's Blend from Community Coffee - Win a Free 12 oz. bag - right here!

Coffee so special that it's only available for a limited time.

Bad News. No longer available from Community Coffee.

Good News: You can win a free bag here.

To be entered in a random drawing for a free bag of Founder's Blend (compliments of Community Coffee), please send me an email:

12 oz. Whole Bean Private Reserve®
Founders Blend
Founders Blend is comprised of four unique coffees from two continents. We begin with Colombia Toledo-Labateca, which is grown high in the remote Andes Mountains near Venezuela and is a rare social relationship coffee exclusive to Community Coffee Company in the United States. We next add Brazil Santos Bourbon, an old growth variety of Arabica that has become rare and highly prized. We complete the blend with two exceptional coffees from Africa, which come from the high mountain peaks in Kenya and Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee.

Founder’s Blend is carefully medium-dark roasted to develop a sweet floral aroma with a complex winy acidity and a nutty bold body. This is a blend whose sum is truly greater than its parts. It will satisfy refined palates with a finish reminiscent of toasted almonds and hints of dark chocolate. Made with the top 1% Arabica premium and specialty coffee beans. [12 oz. Bag]


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