Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Can Call Me Ray, or You Can Call Me Jay, But You Doesn't Have to Call Me Johnson

How many people remember the character actor Bill Saluga? He was better known as Raymond J. Johnson. He did this schtick that was hilarious and drove people insane at the same time. And it was all about his name.

Now, how many people order coffee under their real name?

I know, personally, I often make up a name when ordering a fancy drink at a coffeehouse. I mean, it's just easier sometimes. It's noisy, the barista is busy and do they really care who I am anyway? So, instead of using my real name, I'll use a nickname or maybe I'll just say "Sue." It's not like I'm signing a contract, right? And who doesn't like to play pretend?

I started giving this more thought the other day when I went for coffee with a co-worker. Her name is Carol but she ordered her latte under "Coco." And I turned to her and said, "Did you say Coco??" And that's when I learned that I'm not the only one who plays the name game. She said Coco was the name her Dad called her.

So, me being me, I started thinking of doing this thing where every time I went to a different coffee shop (not one of my usual haunts, of course), I would order specialty coffee drinks under a different name. Maybe I'll be Zsa Zsa or Paris or Chloe or Diddy. I think it would be a kick.

I just hope I don't forget to pick my drink up at the bar when they call my name.

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  1. I am, indeed, "mature enough" to remember "You Don't Have to Call Me". It was silly, but oh sooooo funny. Each time I would hear him, I would LOL!!! This reminds me of the different names some of us are called by different relatives, friends, and co-workers. It made me think of the time my youngest niece heard somebody call me by the name that only family and very close, long-time friends call me. She tugged at her Mom's dress and said "They're calling "......." ".......". I think it would be so much fun to have your own special name for each of your very own special coffee houses. We do it for blog posts, why not do it for other fun places!!!!! Perkdup's new BFF - "BrieZe":)