Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Bin 16" Special Selection Coffee by Fonté Coffee Roasters

There used to be a commercial with a character fish by the name of "Charlie the Tuna." He always tried to show his good taste in art and other things, and the anchor would fall to the bottom of the sea and miss him. Then the narrator would say, "We're not looking for tunas with good taste, we're looking for tunas that taste good."

Fonté Micro Roasted Coffee reminds me of that old commercial. Except that not only is it beautifully packaged, what's on the inside is even better than what is on the outside.

The first coffee I sampled was the "Bin 16" from their Special Selection. Here's how I describe it:

"Very complex for being so mellow. Lots of different flavors. Full bodied, not burnt."

In layman's terms, it's superior coffee.

From Fonté:

Bin 16
$18.50 per lb.
Possibly the finest coffee we have ever produced. You could judge this blend on the basis of price, or the exclusivity surrounding the amount produced, however the coffee itself is unquestionably outstanding. The cup boasts bright, ripe fruity notes, supported by a delightful mix of East African and Central American acidity against the backdrop of a lavish mouth feel.

* Due to limited release, Special Selection coffees are only roasted on Tuesdays. Orders placed by 12PM PST Monday will be shipped Tuesday afternoon. Orders placed after 12PM PST Monday will be shipped the following Tuesday afternoon.

More Fonté reviews coming soon. Stay tuned.

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