Sunday, January 29, 2012

CONQUISTADOR DARK ROAST from Henry's House of Coffee

I was dragging when I got out of bed. I've had the sniffles off and on for the last few weeks and my head felt stuffy.

Shuffled into the kitchen and poured myself a spoonful of Robitussin.

Methodically, made a pot of coffee and waited for it to brew.

Groggily, reached up and grabbed one of my favorite mugs.

Poured myself a cup with one packet of raw sugar and a tiny splash of 2 percent milk.

Sat down to check my emails.

Reached over to my cup. Took and sip. Took another sip.

Turned my attention away from my computer and back to my cup.

Whoa. This is good coffee. Strong coffee. Coffee that sneaks up on you and kick starts your engine.

Magical flavor.

I won't be taking over any countries,l but I am ready to tackle the morning!

(I may have to go back for a second cup)

*The term conquistador mostly refers to a Spanish or Portuguese adventurers who were going to conquer lands in America. (according to Wikipedia)

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  1. This was a famous Monty Python sketch: "Conquistador Coffee brings a new meaning to the word vomit." There was even a free dead dog with every order!