Sunday, July 7, 2013

Community Coffee Single Serve Cups - Café Special

It's no secret that I love Community Coffee.  

During a recent visit to Texas, I picked up a box of the new single serve cups designed for the Keurig (TM) technology in Kroger.

I selected Café Special.  I brewed the single-serve cup using my Cuisinart Single-Serve brewer.

The first cup I made using the 10 ounce cup selection.  This was a little too "weak" for my taste.

For my second cup, I used the 8 ounce selection which gave me a stronger cup (my preference).

While the single-serve cup is not my favorite brew method for Community Coffee, it is definitely a decent cup of coffee and a convenient and quick alternative to the brew method.  

I'm biased - there's something about the pot of Community Coffee brewing, with the aroma wafting through the house, that makes me think of the South and all things Southern.

I would like to try the Community Dark Roast Single Serve next!

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