Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Seahorse and a Flamingo Walk Into This Coffee Bar

Well, they didn't really walk into a coffee bar.  Actually, they didn't go to a coffee bar at all.

But if they could have, I'll bet they would have because they would know, like me, that sugar cookies and coffee make a wonderful combination.

Here's the backstory.  

I saw these flamingo and seahorse cookie cutters online about four years ago.  I had to have them!  See, I love flamingos, and, I mean, what's not to love about a seahorse, right?

Anyway, I called all around until I found a place to order them that had them in stock.  Told the folks I needed them ASAP.

And then they sat together in my kitchen drawer for all this time.  Oh, I thought about making cookies and using these cutters time and time again.  But, something always came up and I never quite got around to it.

So, finally, I did it!  And while these aren't exactly the most beautiful Seahorse and Flamingo sugar cookies in the world, they sure are good with a cup of joe.

My next challenge is to find just the right color sprinkles and icing to make them ready for the runway!

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