Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hamptons Lane - Regatta Java

Truthfully speaking, I so wanted to find a reason not to like this coffee.  

I kept noticing these pop up ads on my computer screen saying you can "blend your own," and "Hamptons Lane."  And it just made me think, "if they're talking about it this much, it can't be that good." 

It's been my experience that often-times the least talked about coffees, or those "secret roasters" have the best coffees.

So, when the nice people at Hamptons Lane sent me a sample pack of "Regatta Java" I didn't exactly jump up and brew it.

In fact, it wasn't until they reached out a second time to say, "Hey, have you tried the coffee,?" that I said, "okay, already, I'll try the coffee!"

Glad I did.  So good.  The "Regatta Java" is a blend of Indonesian and South American beans that blend to make a cup of delicious-ness.

A wonderful way to "sail into the day."

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