Sunday, February 2, 2014

Starbucks Reserve® Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe™ - Too Good to be True

Ethiopia Reserve(R), Chemex and Kyocera Ceramic Grinder

Starbucks Reserve(R) Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (TM) is one of the best coffees I've had in a long time.

From my very first sip to my absolute last, it delighted my tastebuds and aroused my senses in a way I find hard to put into words.  I literally drank every drop in my cup.  In fact, I drank the entire small Chemex full.  Definitely one of those times I was happy to home alone so that I didn't have to share!

You can only purchase this particular coffee at select stores.  I think the Starbucks stores with the Clover(R) machines.  In fact, you can order it by the cup at a Clover(R) store (not sure of the per cup price).  

It's described as "rich layers of strawberry, bing cherry and baking chocolate notes."

I could definitely taste the chocolate and cherry.

Truly in a league of its own and it is only around for a short time.

I had to think about whether or not I should blog about this before or after I purchased more, but then I thought, "don't be selfish."

It's 17.95 for an eight ounce bag of beans, which puts it in the more expensive category - but so, so worth it.

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