Sunday, March 9, 2014

Caribou Single Serve Mahogany Dark Roast Makes Springing Forward A Little Easier

Losing an hour's sleep is rough.  I'm using today to prepare for my week ahead.

Lining up my single-serve coffees to have at the ready for my harried and hurried work-day mornings.

First up is Caribou's "Mahogany" Dark Roast Coffee.  Made with a mix of El Salvador and Sumatra beans.  

I used a 10 ounce cup setting on my brewer and it made this cup just right.  Not too strong and not too weak.  Bold and satisfying.  And simple.

I could do this with my eyes half-shut, which is exactly what they were when I made this.

Caribou is just one of the many varieties of single-serve coffees available at your fingertips (literally) from Cross Country E-Cafe.  You don't even have to leave home to shop.

I wonder if there's a "repeat" button on my single-serve brewer?

Cross Country E-Cafe
Tel. 1-888-774-6939

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