Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peet's Columbia Nabusimake Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Peet's Columbia Nabusimake

I feel bad telling you about one of the best coffees of the year from Peet's when they've already roasted their last batch.  Final roast was March 18th.

It's been a crazy work-week and I hadn't had time to let you know.  But, there is a very good chance that there is still some of this great stuff in your local Peet's coffee shop.

Columbia Nabusimake is "fair," as in fair trade, but also "fair" as in "fairly balanced."  The perfect amount of "pow" combined with the perfect amount of "just right" to make this chocolate-y, robust blend bold but not too bold.

You can no longer purchase it online, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from visiting every Peet's within a 40 mile radius of your home until you find it.  It's the weekend.  The perfect time for a "coffee hunt."

Peet's Columbia Nabusimake (organic and fair roast) - a limited offering - available only in select Peet's coffee shops.

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