Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kicking Off the Weekend With Weaver's Coffee (Legacy Blend TM)

Weaver's Coffee "Legacy Blend" TM

Last Saturday, I went on a little "field trip" to visit Weaver's Coffee (aka Wild Card Roasters) in San Rafael, California.

Not only was I able to score some of their artisan crafted coffee (and tea), I had the privilege of meeting Master Roaster, John Weaver.  John Weaver actually apprenticed under the late Alfred Peet before launching Wild Card Roasters in 2007.

I selected the "Legacy Blend."  I've had this roast before, but it had been a couple of years.  One sip and I was reminded of just how amazing Weaver's Coffee tastes.

I can't think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with Weaver's.

If you can't make the field trip, don't worry - they'll ship it right to your door.

"Legacy Blend is the glimpse into John's amazing thirty-year journey. Appropriately named, it stands as a proud tribute to his teachers, Alfred Peet and  Sal Bonavita, as well as John's own continued, artisan legacy."  (from Weaver's Coffee)

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