Thursday, July 17, 2014

This Is Very Good Coffee - "Julie's Blend" from Philz Coffee

Julie's Blend from Philz

Sometimes I don't think it takes a lot of words or an erudite statement to describe coffee.  And lest, I just  ramble, suffice it to say that "Julie's Blend" from Philz Coffee is very good coffee.

Those were my exact words when I tried the first cup.  To be honest, I picked up this particular blend because Philz was so very crowded when I went in last weekend that I didn't want to wait in line.

It seems that "Julie's" was the featured blend and there were several bags of beans at the counter.  So, I bought a one pound bag for twelve bucks.  Which is a good price for a nice dark roast coffee.

I think my goal before the year is up is to try every blend that Philz makes.  If I don't make the mark, at least I'll have fun trying.

"Julie's" from Philz Coffee

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