Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Queen for a Day"* - Peet's Ethiopia Queen City Roast

Peet's Ethiopia Queen City

Some weeks are better than others - coffee wise.

This week has been an especially good one.  Not my best, but certainly worth talking about.

For the last few mornings, I've enjoyed the 2014 Roast of Peet's Ethiopia Queen City.

Dark, delicious, fruity.  Definitely on the 'strong-side.'  For this one, if you take it with cream and sugar (yes, please), you might as well splurge and use real cream.  What's a few extra calories going to hurt when you're sipping like royalty?

After all, it's "Queen City."

Limited offering.

This coffee hails from the Harrar region of Ethiopia and is available while the supply lasts. Named for its origin, Dire Dawa (deer-a-da-wa) is the “Queen City”and market hub of Harar. (From

* "Queen for a Day" was a popular American Game Show which ran from 1956 to 1964.

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