Friday, December 5, 2014

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - My New Obsession

Okay, here's my "usual" morning routine.  

I wake up in the morning and brew/pour-over/press/k-cup my first cup of coffee for the day.  

Then, once I get to work in the city, if I don't drink the coffee that the office provides (which, by the way, is a very nice selection of top coffees, however, for whatever reason, they never taste very good when brewed in the one cup grind and brew, large, industrial sized, very expensive automatic coffee maker), I go downstairs to the major coffee chain that shall remain anonymous (but their home office is Seattle).  

Rewind to the last couple of weeks when I started getting my mid-morning fix at Coffee Bean.

I've always liked Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but there aren't very many locations in my area.  I've been visiting my daughter a lot lately and her favorite coffee bar is Coffee Bean.  She let me in on a little "secret."  Apparently they have like amazing ICE.  I never get the cold drink offerings there so I can't say for a fact.

Getting to the point.  They offer like three varieties of coffee a day.  I opt for the dark roast.  

Anyway, I am so digging it.  It's a totally different vibe.  The baristas move at a slower pace, the counter is almost always crowded and there's hardly any room to pay, but somehow it works!

Not sure how long this obsession will last, but for now I'm enjoying the buzz.  

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