Friday, April 24, 2015

Tea Appreciation - Mariage Freres Tea Bouddha Bleu

Everyone loves to be appreciated.  Some people say that your appreciation is your paycheck and that's true to an extent, but there's nothing better than having someone show you how much they value your work.

And while many people really scoff at the notion of "Administrative Professionals Week," I enjoy the attention.

And it's always nice when one of your bosses shows you "special favor" in the form of a gift.

My "girl boss" made my week with not one, but TWO boxes of this fancy French Mariage Freres Tea.

I had never even heard of it, but when she came with a bag from Gump's, I knew it had to be special.

She got me the tea pouches which I love for convenience sake at work and this green tea (Bouddha Bleu) has really helped with my sniffles this week as I struggle with a nasty headcold.

Happy Administrative Professionals Week.  I hope you have received at least something to show how much you're valued. 

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