Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good Morning, Pumpkin! New Single Serve Brew Cups from 7-Eleven!

My very first "coffee shop" has come a long way from those days when I'd stop in for a cup to wake me up from a night of partying.

I don't do late night parties these days, but I still do 7-Eleven Coffee.  And now it's in a single-serve brew cup.  

You read right.   7-Eleven Single Serve Coffee Cups!

And here's the part where you appreciate how much 7-Eleven appreciates you and your budget.  

Not only are they available in packs of eight for $3.99 - you can buy a two pack for only $.99 cents!  Perfect for the student budget and those "in-between" paydays when you just need two cups to make it.

Available in 100% Columbian, Regular "Exclusive" Blend and fall's favorite "Pumpkin Spice!"

Good stuff.  Good price.

Thank Heaven for 7-11!

*7-Eleven provided me with free samples for purposes of preparing this review which in no way influenced my opinion.  It's great coffee!

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