Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Found A Blue Kangaroo on my Front Porch! Coffee Alert!

I came home last night and found a Blue Kangaroo on my front porch.  

Okay, well it wasn't exactly a blue kangaroo, but it was a bag of the most delicious coffee I've had in a good while.

What a nice surprise.  

Big Mike is on the road again and he was in Portland this past week.  He stopped in a cafe and had a great cup of coffee and said "I know somebody who would really, really like this coffee.  What is it?"

Fast forward to the Blue Kangaroo Guatemala that hopped onto my porch to bring me a cup of absolute pleasure this morning.  This small batch roaster had not been on my radar, but it sure is now.

The notes of fruit and chocolate hit me the minute I put the bag up to my nose.  Roasted to perfection.

If you don't believe there's such a thing as a Blue Kangaroo perhaps you need to look a little farther north.

Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters
Portland, Oregon


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