Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tazo Well Being Teas - Coming Soon to a Grocery Store Near You!

I was so disappointed when I found out that Starbucks was no longer offering the Tazo White Berryblossom Tea. It's one of the few teas that I really like and my "tea taster" (aka my teenage daughter) loves it!

So, I contacted Tazo and found out that Starbucks will be re-introducing a new line of full-leaf tea bags in Starbucks stores tomorrow (1/12/10).

And if that's not enough good news coming from Tazo, the nice folks at Tazo sent me a preview of the "Well-Being" line of Tazo teas to be introduced in February.

Well-Being teas will only be available in grocery and natural outlets (including Target and Whole Foods) in February.

If you like the White Berryblossom, you'll love the new "Rest," tea. If you're a serious tea drinker and like a black tea with a hint of cocoa, go for the "Focus." And if you're one of those people who likes to get their "feng shui" on, you'll love the "Thrive" tea which is a green tea with antioxidants.

Here's what Tazo says about the "Well-Being" Teas:

Tazo® Tea Launches Line of Well-Being Teas

Three new filterbags offer all-natural flavor, holistic sense of everyday balance
In an effort to provide consumers with a wider array of tea choices, Tazo® Tea is introducing a new line to their portfolio – Tazo® Well-Being teas. Available at Whole Foods, Target and other select retailers, these three new blends, Tazo® Thrive, Tazo® Rest and Tazo® Focus, can inspire serenity, tranquility and clarity through Tazo’s artfully selected ingredients. As with all Tazo® teas, the new line features premium, all-natural ingredients blended on site in Portland, Ore., to showcase the flavor consistency and quality.

“Tea drinkers are loyal to Tazo because of our high quality and delicious tasting products,” said Mike De La Cruz, manager, R&D Hand Crafted Beverages & Tazo Tea. “Thoughtfully crafted to provide everyday balance, we hope Tazo® Thrive, Tazo® Rest and Tazo® Focus offer a sense of well being and the exceptional taste our consumers are seeking.”

Presenting the perfect end to a hectic day, Tazo® Rest is a caffeine-free, lulling blend of rose petals, valerian root and citrusy herbs. Tazo® Thrive is a formidable blend of green teas and botanicals. Tazo® Thrive can evoke balance and overall well being and also naturally includes antioxidants. And Tazo® Focus, a cleverly invigorating mix of black tea, roasted yerba maté, orange essence and cocoa peel, awakens the senses.

Beginning February 2010, Tazo® Thrive, Tazo® Rest and Tazo® Focus will be available where consumers buy groceries. Each blend will be available in 16 count boxes at the suggested retail price of $3.99 in the U.S.

Something to look forward to for the tea loving Valentine in your life.

Be Well!



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  2. I just tried the Tazo Focus tea and it is DEEEELICIOUS! The chocolate and orange blend is to die for...I already love the Tazo Chai, and now I have a new favorite!