Sunday, August 14, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning

You know I love coffee. I also love news. Newspapers, television news, internet news. More news. More better.

But this CBS mug has special meaning. My friend is moving to New York in a couple of weeks and she was having a yard sale. I went to the sale to say goodbye to her and her husband and what should I spy but a CBS logo mug. I said, "You can't sell this! This is a collectible. I mean it's part of your past!"

She and I met many years ago when we were both working for the local CBS-affiliate. I worked in - what else? News. She worked in programming. Anyway, after about three minutes of my convincing her that parting with the mug would be sinful, she handed it to me and said, "Here."

So, every time I drink from this cup, I'll think of her and all the memories we shared at that special time in our lives when we were young and excited and working in an industry we both loved and when news was really newsworthy.

Enjoy your Sunday! Monday is just around the corner.

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