Wednesday, August 17, 2011

True Blue Coffee From Haiti

It's a gloomy Wednesday morning and I'm feeling pretty good. Even though my coffee is blue. Marmelade Blue Haiti Coffee.

I actually never knew that coffee was one of Haiti's best kept secrets. A secret to me anyway. This gourmet coffee not only tastes good, it's being grown and sold for a great purpose.

Haiti Coffee is working to rebuild the Haitian coffee industry in order to help Haitians redevelop their agricultural heritage. With every purchase of this delicious Haiti Coffee, a portion of the profit goes to helping the people of Haiti.

A good cause. A good cup. It's a win/win.

Marmelade Blue is a medium roast with a smooth body. Sort of reminds me of another "Blue" Coffee. Can you guess which one?

Haiti Coffee's Marmelade Blue is being roasted by Humboldt Bay Coffee Company.

For more information on Haiti Coffee:


Do something good for yourself and for the people of Haiti.

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  1. Thank you for supporting a product that can really help change lives and bring us happiness in every cup. Behind every product we consume is a farmer and a family. We all deserve to thrive. Drink Haitian!