Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aloha! Ka'U Rusty's Hawaiian by Equator Coffees

Thank God for Twitter. I was scrolling through "tweets" the other day and found out that Equator Coffees had just roasted the last small batch of Ka'u Rusty's Hawaiian.

So, I immediately picked up the phone and tried to order a pound. I was told that it was all gone. I said, "It can't be. It was just on twitter two minutes ago that you're roasting the last batch. Please, check with the roaster." The nice lady put me on hold and came back and said "we have a tiny bit left - maybe 12 ounces at most." I said, "Wrap It Up, I'll Take It!"*

What a way to start my Sunday. This coffee is so good and smooth. Medium-boldness.

Equator's profile says "A crisp cup highlighted by juicy citrus and notes of pineapple, raising and flower."

I say, "Mahalo!"

I guess you guys will have to wait for next year. Myself, I'm going to savor every drop.

Have a great day!


(*"Wrap It Up" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds)

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