Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've Never Met A Mug I Didn't Like

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to mine is through a mug.

A very nice person from the Legal Aid Society sent me a very nice mug. It is a high quality mug with ample room for a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea or even soup. I have a vast collection of mugs.

Which might make you wonder why this kind gesture meant so much to me. Well, for one, no one has to give you anything. Ever. Two, the Legal Aid Society does wonderful work and three, I can't turn my back on a good mug.

I thought about paying it forward and giving it to one of my friends who doesn't have nearly the assortment of mugs that I do. I even thought (for a fleeting moment) about gathering all the mugs I don't use much anymore and taking them to a nice shelter (which I'm still considering). But, I have separation anxiety.

At any rate, for now, I'm going to enjoy my latest acquisition.

My pantry knows I don't need another mug, but I can't say no to a pretty face.

Here's to the San Francisco Legal Aid Society. You rock!

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