Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee AM - Prepare to Be Impressed!

When the folks at Coffee AM contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their coffees, my first thought was, "I've never heard of Coffee AM. It must not be very good."

Well. Lesson learned. There are whole lot of coffee roasters out there and obviously I haven't heard about them all.

Dottie - you're not in Seattle anymore.

Coffee AM is located in Canton, Georgia. They roast their coffee in small batches. Just for you. I guess you could call it "custom made."

To be honest, I refused to try it during the week because my work-week is rough enough and there's nothing that makes me madder than brewing a pot of bad coffee.

So, I waited until the weekend to give it a try. Okay, Coffee A.M. - you got me - I'm HOOKED!

Yesterday, I sampled the "Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve" which is a blend - not 100 percent Blue Mountain. It is 100 percent delicious!

This morning I brewed their "Kenya AA" coffee. Another winner.

So the moral of the story is - "Keep an open mind, you never know where you next cup is going to show up."
12230 Cumming Hwy
Canton GA 30115
Fax: 678-494-3433

(I received free samples of Coffee AM for the purposes of preparing this review which in no way impaired my judgment)

Happy Sunday!!

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