Monday, June 18, 2012

Weaver's Legacy Blend - Limited Offering

So, it's the day after and you're looking at all of the adorable gifts you'll cherish forever.

But, for some reason, you just don't think that Mickey Mouse tie goes too well with your work-week suit.

And the trinkets for your desk, well they're precious. Isn't it great being a Dad?

So, while you're sitting there thinking about how great your day was yesterday, go check out Weaver's Coffee online.

I think you'll find that "Legacy Blend" is just the right shade, texture and flavor to get your morning off to a great start.

I'm betting Mom will thank you too.

Weaver's Coffee

(And if Legacy isn't your "bag," there are plenty of other varieties to fit your own personal taste.)

On June 1, 1980 - A young apprentice chose a path that would lead him to discover his life’s work. John Weaver has since dedicated the last three decades to refining his artisan skills. Combining the wealth of knowledge entrusted to him by his legendary mentors, and his own unique style, John hand-crafts a rich, full-bodied blend on his vintage coffee roasters. Legacy Blend is juicy, yet velvet-smooth, with hints of berry and a sweet pipe tobacco finish
“Years ago I purchased Mr. Peet’s original Royal No.5 coffee roaster”, says John. “He was one of my mentors, and I’ve gained a unique insight as to how he roasted coffee when he first moved to America. The drum of the Royal No.5 roaster is small and perforated, limiting capacity and allowing the flames to directly touch the beans. By roasting fifteen pounds at a time, and using a combination of the Royal and my vintage Probat roaster, I am able to marry the best of both worlds to hand-craft something most coffee drinkers have never experienced”.

Legacy Blend is the glimpse into John’s amazing thirty-year journey. Appropriately named, it stands as a proud tribute to his teachers, Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita, as well as John’s own continued, artisan legacy.

(Weaver's provided me with a free sample bag of Legacy beans for the purposes of preparing this review. That said, it's amazing coffee.)

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