Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks for Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend 2012

I almost missed out on this.  Actually, I had planned to intentionally skip it.  Just wasn't interested in it at all.  

And then yesterday I realized it was Thanksgiving Week.  And I remembered that for the last few years, or whenever Starbucks starting to make the "Thanksgiving Blend," I had always bought at least a pound.

Finding a store that still had it in stock was a tiny bit of a challenge.  And, of course, that made it much more appealing to me.

Found it at my old Starbucks store on Drumm Street in San Francisco.  

The packaging is beautiful.  The coffee is beautiful too.  Beautifully delicious and dark and delightful and smooth and so Thanksgiving-y.

I could kick myself for even considering passing this one up.

Don't you make the mistake of missing out.  You'll regret it.  So happy I came to my senses in time!

Thanksgiving only comes once a year.

14.95 per pound

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