Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Coffee - Mysore Nuggets from Catahoula

The city of Mysore is located in the southwest region of India.  Thank God, I didn't have to travel there to enjoy a good cup of Mysore Nuggets coffee.

While "mining" for something new to review this week, I lucked out and struck it rich.

Catahoula Coffee is offering this limited edition, rare Indian coffee for only 8.00 dollars for an eight ounce bag.

I love the packaging because it gives it the special look it deserves.

Mysore Nuggets is a sweet, spicy bold coffee.  I used the drip method but am looking forward to trying it with the pour-over.

Honestly, this coffee is SO good that I went back for a refill and found myself looking at the bottom of the cup with a smile.  

This coffee is sure to sell out quickly and who knows when it will be offered again.  Get it while it's "hot."  

Excellent beans, superb roast.  Catahoula does it again.

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