Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring

So, Spring has sprung and it's raining outside.

Oh, well.  The bright side is that the grass will be green and the flowers will start to bloom. 

I thought with the start of the new season, I would switch up my coffee game.  Instead of ordering a tall drip this afternoon, I thought I'd shake it up and order a cappucino.  Except that what I got was more like a latte.  But it's really technically a cappucino.

Turns out that for a lady who talks about coffee all the time, I don't know my drinks.  What I should have ordered is a "bone dry cappucino."  Because what I wanted was a shot of espresso and a lot of foam.

The cappucino is delicious but it's got more milk than this oft-dairy-challenged-especially late in the afternoon gal can handle. 

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