Monday, May 26, 2014

Tea and Cookies - How About Tea In A Cookie? Earl Grey Macarons!


What's better than tea and cookies?  How about tea in a cookie.  As in Earl Grey macarons.

I recently discovered a macaron treasure.  

Chantal Guillon Macarons in Palo Alto.  There's also a shop in San Francisco.

Fortunately, this shop is over an hour away, so I won't be going there every day.  Otherwise, I'd have to get another job to support my 'macaron habit.'  I love French macarons.

This place has every flavor you could imagine and they don't compromise on quality or taste.  They're so light and crunchy on the outside and absolutely delicious.  Before you know it, you might have gobbled up half a dozen!

The flavor wasn't overpowering, but subtle while right on the flavor of Earl Grey Tea.

And, like everything else these days, you can order online.


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