Sunday, March 22, 2015

Drink Up! 7Rewards from 7-Eleven! (And, there's an app for that)

Cups up!  

With the 7Rewards program, customers can earn rewards with every cup purchased made in the store.

"Buy 6 get 7" makes your 7th cup free.  And you can "mix and match" any COFFEE, Big Gulp, Slurpee and Chillers purchase to add up to SIX and get your SEVENTH cup free.

Here's how:

Text REWARDS to 711711 to download the 7-Eleven App (or download from the App Store and Google Play)

Make sure the salesclerk scans your person bar code in the app every time you purchase  your drink

After 6 - you're drinking the 7th on 7-Eleven!

I think you know what I'm drinking.  But I must admit, I do enjoy a good Slurpee on a Spring day!

Reward yourself!

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