Sunday, March 29, 2015

Starbucks 2015 Tribute Blend - New Look - Same Great Coffee

To be honest, I almost blew off the Starbucks Tribute Blend this year.  I couldn't remember whether or not I liked it.

However, after enjoying it for the last week at the Starbucks in the bottom of my building (it was their bold offering), my fond memories returned and I realized I'd have to be crazy to pass up this dark beauty.

Starbucks created "Tribute Blend" for its 40th Anniversary in 2011.  Features four times the greatness with a blend from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Colombia Narino.

So fresh and so good.  Its cherry notes make me want to pair it with biscotti.  But I don't have any.  Somebody might have to do a little baking today.

Also available in Verismo pods and K-cups.

14.95 for a one pound bag of beans

Limited offering

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