Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Tea Kettles Just Whistled A Little Softer - Steven Smith, Tea Master Has Died

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Talbot (C)

Steven Smith,co-founder of the Tazo (now owned by Starbucks) and Stash tea brands has died from cancer. He was 65.

I had a chance to have an "e-conversation" with him in 2010 when I reached out inquiring about reviewing Smith Teas.  I fully expected a response from someone in PR.  Instead, I got a reply from the Master TeaSmith himself saying he would be happy to send me some samples.

When the box arrived, he included a handwritten note.  I think that speaks volumes about him, as a person, as a man, as a humanitarian that he would take time to respond to me and my lil 'ole blog.
Rest In Peace, Mr. Smith and "thank you" for your wonderful contributions to the industry and mankind.

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