Friday, December 25, 2009

A Feel Good Christmas

What a wonderful day this has been. I've enjoyed the company of family and friends and am capping off the day with a hot cup of Weaver's Holiday Blend - boy does John Weaver know coffee!

And to go with my Weaver's Holiday Blend, I'm going to have myself a fresh cranberry orange scone from the "Feel Good Gourmet" in Miami.

Now, all I need is a nice holiday movie to end the day. Any suggestions?

I feel good.

Merry Christmas to All, And To All A Hot Cup of Coffee!!

1 comment:

  1. Geez!!!

    How did you persuade Santa to drop off a box of goodies on you from The Feel Good Gourmet???! I've had samplings of her treats and let me tell you that she has some "Slamming Sweets and Treats"! I've heard that she a young psychologist out of Miami who does her Feel Good Gourmet out of her love of creating exquisite, healthy, delectable cuisine. If she ever decides to mass market commercially for frozen shipping to the West Coast, I will have coffee cup in hand waiting for delivery! Her Cranberry Orange Scones will sure enough make you "Feel Good"! Happy "trail mix" to you for a delightful holiday.