Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Kinder, Gentler Coffee House - Tully's Embarcadero Two, San Francisco

Even though I appreciate working in a big city, sometimes I just want to take time to smell the grounds. Know what I mean?

So, today, two days before Christmas, with no shopping done, I thought, "Why don't I just go sit in Tully's and have myself a nice cup of coffee."

The thing I love about this coffee shop is not only the great coffee, but the friendly people who work here. They make each customer feel important and they never rush you.

There's always a newspaper lying around and if you're lucky, you can sit in one of the oversized cushy leather chairs. You might even find a group of women knitting at the "big table."

It's like having an independent coffee house right in the middle of a high rise. :)

Enjoy the season.

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