Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goes With Coffee. . .Men Who Stare At Goats"Cheesemonger" Style

The tag line is my inside joke for those of you who do themselves the favor of picking up “Cheesemonger – A Life on the Wedge”.

This treatise is written by an accomplished purveyor of all that is milk based, fermented, and aged. He does well at injecting his background into each chapter and allowing one to get a feel for why he delivers in somewhat of a rant-ish flavor. His passion is evident, which gives this book its “stink” (inside joke).

All cheese/food topics are kicked around. He talks about pricing, producing, protecting, and purchasing. He even touches on his personal views on the ultimate conundrum of “Eat to live versus Live to Eat”. I think you will find this book delicious…grab a sample (another inside joke).

(Reviewed by JRS)

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