Friday, July 23, 2010

Wait A Minita - That's No Ordinary Peaberry!

Peaberry, also known as caracoli, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant develops as two halves of a bean within a single cherry, but sometimes only one of the two seeds gets fertilized so there is nothing to flatten it. This oval (or pea-shaped) bean is known as Peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this form.*

Caribou Coffee made my morning with their limited offering "La Minita Peaberry." This is what they say:

Caribou Coffee is the only coffee shop to offer the incredibly rare peaberries from the renowned Hacienda La Minita in Costa Rica. Peaberries occur when only one bean develops in a coffee cherry (instead of the normal two) soaking up more flavor imparting vibrancy in their solitary development. This intensified energy superbly balances flavorful notes of milk chocolate and a sugarcane sweetness.
La Minita is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee.
Tasting Notes:
Tart cherry flavors sweetened with milk chocolate and a smooth, nutty finish; this peaberry is the pinnacle of Costa Rican coffee perfection.

Roastmaster Notes:

Pure, Sweet, Milk Chocolate
Rare Hand-picked Peaberries
Grown on the world renowned Hacienda La Minita Farm

After it's gone there will be no more. . .so get it while it's hot (pun intended).

* Source: Wikipedia

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