Monday, July 5, 2010

Thinking Outside of the Box (Pun Intended)

Today I did something different. I took my doggie for a nail trim and afterwards, instead of running into Starbucks for the familiar, I turned into Jack In The Box (TM) for a cup of their "Kona" Classic coffee.

I spilled a little on me and my car because my dog gets very excited meeting new people at the drive-thru. He jumped into my lap just as the woman was handing me my coffee. I can say this - their coffee is hot!

At around a dollar for a small, it's definitely not a bad cup of coffee. And while I'm sure the fine print says that it's a Kona blend, it's definitely NOT Kona.

But, it's decent, it's quick and it's fresh. And, yes, I would definitely buy it again.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you knew you were driving thru a Jack-In-The-Box when you drove up in there:):):. It's fast and hot - but it still leaves you having to have a real cup of coffee. It will do to take the edge off of a "Coffee Jones" - kind of like comparing Hi-C with Kool Aid. Drink it because it's what's being served at the buffet.