Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teavana Golden Monkey Black Tea - The Perfect "Nightcap"

If it's good enough to serve at the White House, then I guess it's good enough for me!

I think I told you that I'm trying to do more tea this year (especially at night). Well, this Golden Monkey Black Tea by Teavana is not only amazing, it has only 20 percent of the caffeine of coffee. So, tonight, while strolling the mall I stopped into the Teavana store in Corte Madera for a cup.

I'd heard that this particular tea was selected by the White House to be served at the State Dinner this month to the president of China.

I can't really describe it but it's very smooth. I had the "tea-rista" add a little bit of Teavana's famous German rock sugar (in liquid form). OMG. The more I drank the better it tasted. Definitely on my "tea wish list."

Golden Monkey Black Tea
Price is $18.50 for two ounces which is the minimum Teavana will sell. I'm told it makes about 25 cups. So, that's really not a bad price for a tea that is - well, downright presidential!

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