Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beehive Cheese - Barely Buzzed Coffee Rubbed Cheese

I swear this is the greatest invention since the peanut butter cup.

Two of my favorite things collide. Cheese and coffee. Beehive Artisan Hand Crafted Cheese* sent me a sample of their "Barely Buzzed" Coffee Rubbed Cheese (rubbed with espresso and lavender). I love lavender. I have it growing right outside my front door.

The cheese is hard and has a somewhat nutty flavor. And the coffee rub gives it a - well, I guess you could say "buzz" that makes it taste like no cheese I've ever eaten. I'd eaten four little chunks before I even picked up a cracker!

Goes well with anything but especially - yep a cup of coffee. Although, I enjoyed mine with a glass of Perrier Grapefruit. What a wonderful fusion of flavors.

And if that wasn't enough to tickle my tastebuds, the wonderful "Cheese-ologists" at Beehive threw in a sneak preview or "teaser" of their not-yet-released tea rubbed cheese which is appropriately named "Teavhive!" Is that the cutest thing ever?

Unfortunately, "Teahive" won't debut until later this year. And it is Tea-licious. You won't be disappointed.

Beehive has a wonderful selection of other artisan cheeses as well. Be sure to visit their website for more information and to find out where you can buy Beehive in your neighborhood.

It will make you smile.

Say cheese!

*(Hand made in Uintah, Utah.)

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