Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ebony and Ivory Living Together In Perfect Harmony In My Cup

Good news. Big Mike is on the road again. And you know what that means. More coffee, more coffee, more coffee!

So, Big Mike blazed through Charlotte, North Carolina for one day where while perusing the "NODA" District, he lands at "Smelly Cat Coffeehouse." I know. Strange name.

Anyhow, he picks up a bag of Sumatra/French Roast Blend Coffee. First of all, it smells amazing. I'm talking in the bag, before you even grind the beans and brew them. I make a pot this morning. Perfect Harmony is all I can think. It's bold, but it's not bold. It's mild, but it's not mild. It's just GREAT coffee.

You figure that anybody who has the nerve to name their coffee "Smelly Cat" must be pretty confident in their beans. And with good reason.

If you don't live near Charlotte, give them a ring, I'll bet they'll ship you a bag!

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse
514 E. 36th Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205




  1. It's actually the NODA district near North Davidson. Pretty cool place, I like it.

  2. Thanks, Ann! I changed it. I transposed the letters. Guess, I hadn't had enough coffee when I wrote it :)

    It's really good coffee.